You’re looking for something to anchor yourself into.

You know that there is magic, brilliance and nourishment in your lineages– it’s just been buried in the sands of time, empire and modernity. Re-connecting to your ancestral lineages sounds a bit romantic, sure, but you’re game. It makes sense that reclaiming ancestral spiritual knowledge and practices would be nourishing to one’s soul. But that seems like one helluva mountain to climb.

You might be asking yourself:

Actual genealogical research seems like a logical place to begin knowing my ancestors– but how (and where!) do I begin and how do I avoid being overwhelmed with all of the information?

What about one of those DNA tests-by-mail things? Are those any good? And what would I even do with that information?

I mean, genealogy is a Thing. Maybe spiritual genealogy is too?

And just HOW do I bring my ancestors into my spiritual practice? How do I honor them in my daily life? I don’t have to start burning incense around the clock and chanting under my breath do I? (Seriously. Do I?)



Ancestor Magic

Everything you need to research, connect with and honor your lineage

Part One: Anti-Racist Genealogical Research (For Everyone)




If you are white person: the very fact that you can access genealogical records as far back as 700 years ago (or more!) is because of racism and white supremacy. Settler colonialism, slavery, the white privilege of owning homes, getting educations and intergenerational wealth have all left paper trails– trails that you can follow to piece together your ancestry in ways that people of color cannot.


So how do you honor, celebrate and become excited about finding your ancestors while reconciling the racism that makes it possible? That’s, in part, what this class is about.

If you are a person of color: you have some very real hurdles to cross in your genealogical research, including white bias and intergenerational trauma triggers. Knowing where to look for information, and how to take care of yourself when you find an intergenerational trauma trigger, is a Must when considering beginning genealogical research. That’s the other part of what this class is about.

In this pre-recorded class we will:

  • Address the white bias and white privilege in the field of genealogy
  • Look at cultural reparation acts that can be done on behalf of the harm caused by our ancestors
  • Cover ways people of color can navigate the white bias in genealogy to find our ancestors
  • Discuss genealogical self-care practices for people of color when bumping up against intergenerational trauma
  • Break down DNA-by-mail test kids and why you might want to consider not doing one
  • How DNA test kits can help adoptees tap into ancestral spiritual lineage
  • What to do with, and how to organize, your genealogical research
  • 40+ recommended resources for genealogical information (for white people and POC)
  • And more


The Workbook

When you sign up for the class, you’ll also receive the Ancestral Discovery Workbook. This printable workbook focuses your genealogical research (so you can avoid overwhelm and getting lost in census data!) while encouraging you to look below empire and assimilation to record the beliefs, foods and lifestyles of your ancestors while also acknowledging the beauty and brilliance associated with your lineages.

This is a 45-page workbook delivered digitally but meant to be printed and worked with physically.





Part Two: Ancestral Reverence



In Part Two, Ancestral Reverence you’ll learn:

  • How to make an ancestral altar
  • How and why to make offerings
  • How to honor your ancestors without an altar
  • What Momento Mori means and how it can help you connect with your ancestors
  • How self-care is a form of ancestral reverence
  • And More


This section includes a 30-minute audio lesson and a 40+ page accompanying workobook to help you craft your own ancestral connection and reverence practice.


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    Instructions for this course

    • Intro and Overview

  • 2

    Anti-Racist Genealogical Research for Everyone

    • The Lecture

    • The Audio Guide

    • The Slide Deck

    • The Workbook

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    Ancestral Connection & Reverence

    • The Lecture + Workbook

  • 4

    Bonus: Ancestors and Food

    • Overview

    • Ancestors, Sex and Legacy

    • Ancestral Connection & Reverence with Food

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