Make better decisions, gain clarity and even claim your purpose-- all without second-guessing or self-doubt-- by learning how to turn your day planner into a divination device.




Happy Planner.

Blank Notebook.

Bullet Journal.

Whatever your preferred planner is, this year go beyond organization, reminders and to-do lists and elevate your planner to a purpose-finding, soul-guiding divination device.






In between the meetings, appointments, to-do lists and reminders we store in our day planners, Everyday Magic happens.

Coincidences. Synchronicities. Serendipities.

These can be delightful, one-off magical moments we might find interesting enough to tell a close friend about.

Or they can be breadcrumbs guiding us to our purpose, informing our decisions, nurturing our creativity and even our health.


It all depends on what you decide to do with the everyday magic when it occurs. 




  • How can I add more magic and joy to my life?
  • Why do I feel like I'm getting it all wrong?
  • I need a sign-- how do I get one? How do I know it when I see it?
  • What’s my purpose? Is there such a thing?
  • What new offerings should I create?
  • Should I pivot in business? How?
  • Which city would make the best move?
  • What changes do I need to make?
  • What skills would be great to learn?
  • How can I better tend to my creative self? My body? My imagination?

And if you’re tired of throwing all of the proverbial spaghetti at the wall in your quest to find these answers . . .






Keeping A Serendipity Journal is a self-paced course designed to get you where you're going faster, with more ease and with less frustration and second-guessing. And we do that by noticing, recording, following and even incubating . . . everyday magic.

This course operates on the belief that you, and your purpose/Sacred Work were born with a built-in navigation system. This system helps steer you towards the experiences, accomplishments and creations important to your soul. The language of this navigation system? Signs. Synchronicities. Serendipities. Dream Messages.

Keeping a Serendipity Journal will show you how to turn any notebook or planner into an oracle, a divination device PLUS teach you how to call-in the magic you need, interpret and work with it when it arrives and use your day planner as a time capsule of magic for Future You.


Specifically, in this course you’ll learn:

  • A simple, elegant and user-friendly way to turn any day planner (or notebook!) into an oracle by tracking synchronicities, serendipities, dreams, the moon, signs and more
  • How to curate synchronicity (you don’t need to wait passively for it to happen to you!)
  • How to collate serendipity
  • How to incubate  (and interpret) dream guidance
  • How to sync the rhythms of your body and the moon for optimal creativity, productivity, collaboration and rest
  • How to use this information to guide and confirm decision-making processes
  • How to use this information to nurture your creativity
  • How to use this information to gain clarity and certainty on your path
  • And more

Begin keeping a Serendipity Journal today!

What You'll Learn . . .

  • 1


    • Welcome! Here's What You'll Learn . . .

    • How to use this course

    • Overview

    • Important Note About The Elements of Everyday Magic

  • 2

    How To: Set-Up & Use Your Serendipity Journal

    • Creating Your Serendipity Journal

    • Serendipity Bookmark

  • 3

    Element 1: Serendipity & Your Purpose

    • What is Serendipity?

    • Serendipity and Your Purpose

    • Serendipity Resources

  • 4

    Element 2: Casting Synchronicity Spells For Guidance & Confirmation

    • Synchronicity Spells

  • 5

    Element 3: The Blueprint Cycles

    • Blueprint Cycle Overview

    • Your Circadian Rhythm, Blueprint Cycles & Serendipity

    • Bonus: A Dream Vision about the Circadian Rhythm

  • 6

    Element 4: Dream Magic

    • Dream Magic Overview

    • Lesson 1: Re-call and Re-enter Dreams

    • Lesson 2: How to Interpret Dreams

    • Lesson 3: The Ancient Art & Practice of Dream Incubation

  • 7

    Bonus Books

    • Bonus: The Blueprint Cycle Book

    • Bonus: The Oracle In Your Dreams Book

  • 8

    Bonus Module: Handwriting, Hand Lettering & Art Journaling

    • Overview

    • Handwriting: It's Sacred

    • Handwriting as Divination (Instructions)

    • Exploring Hand Lettering & Art Journaling in your Serendipity Journal

  • 9

    Conclusion & Next Steps

    • Conclusion & Next Steps




  • You’ve got one or more little humans depending on you and it’s wonderful, exhausting and demoralizing all at the same time and you’re looking for a shred of something to hold on to that’s just for timeless YOU, not you as a caregiver (also applies if you’re caring for aging parents!)
  • You’re in the midst of, or recovering form, burnout of any shape, size or texture
  • You are at a crossroads and not sure what the next step in your life/business/career/health is going to be
  • You have exhausted all muggle (and a few mystical) avenues of seeking clarity and direction and still feel stuck and aimless
  • The circumstances of life right now are overwhelming and you just need some guidance to come TO you
  • You’re tired of spinning your wheels and want to know what your spiritual support team/ancestors/higher self think you should do
  • You’re open to mystical phenomena because it sounds like fun and could possibly save some time and effort so why not?


Begin keeping a Serendipity Journal today!

About Darla


Darla Antoine

Darla is a feminist ghostwriter, copywriter and spiritual worker who believes in the power of words-- and in taking the time to find just the right words. She works with culture-changing, earth-tending, feminist and socially-conscious entrepreneurs who want to expand their message, fill their programs and sell their books. Darla can show you how to use vision, values and earned credibility to powerfully invite your clients into a transformative experience . . . with a heaping teaspoon of behind-the-scenes Word Magic to help amplify your message.